About Us

We take our own sweet time.

When it comes to our hams, we're in no hurry. That's because there's only one way to make a ham this tender, this juicy, this delicious.

The slow way.

Our ham master makes sure each ham is cooked to perfection using our unique, time-tested recipe, then finished with a glaze so flavorful and sweet you might want to order a few extra bottles just to make sure you always have enough.

Approved by parents and presidents.

We like to say you'll know it's the right ham when you taste it. Over the years people have been tasting Montana Valley Ham, then sharing the taste with friends and family, who share it with their friends in turn. When a Montana Valley Ham was served at the White House, the President loved the taste so much he had hams shipped to some of his special friends overseas. Of course, there's no one more special than your friends and family, and fortunately you don't have to be the President of the United States to get one shipped.

You order, we take care of the rest.

Making our hams may take a lot of time, but getting one shipped to your house doesn't. You can order a whole or a half ham by calling our 800 number, faxing or mailing in an order card, or by going to montanahams.com and ordering on line. We'll send you one of our sweet, tender hams, vacuum-sealed and packed in a handsome gift box. In plenty of time for Tuesday.

Or any other special occasion you choose.